Mike Tyson knocks Floyd Mayweather for claiming to be the greatest boxer of all time, lists fighters that were ‘better’

Boxing legend, Mike Tyson, has knocked boxing champion Floyd Mayweather since he 
retired unbeaten at 50-0, saying he’s the best boxer of all time. 
‘Iron Mike’ as he is fondly called, retired with a record of 50-6 feels the icons of the sport have been disrespected by Mayweather’s claim.
Mike does not agree with Mayweather’s logic that he is the greatest boxer of all time, although he retired with perfect 50-0 record, surpassing that of former heavyweight champion Rocky 
Marciano, who left the sport at 49-0.

Speaking on his Hotboxin’ podcast, Tyson said: “Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong. He had 50 fights.

“Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had 40 fights. He lost one, then he had a 78-fight winning streak.

“40, lost one, then a 78-fight winning streak, goddamn.

“[Julio Cesar Chavez Sr] was 89-0 before he lost.

“Don’t tell me about, ‘You’re the greatest fighter,’ with 50-0.

“You’re great, no doubt about it, but 50-0? Chavez had 90.

“He was fighting like, what? Eight times a year? Against whoever was in the rankings.

“He wasn’t picking, it was, ‘Whoever you want, come on.’

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