US Electoral College set to confirm Joe Biden victory today

The 538 members of the US Electoral College will meet today to cast their votes on behalf of the 50 states and the District of Columbia to officially confirm Joe Biden as the 46th president and California Sen. Kamala Harris as vice president.

With 306 of the 538 electoral votes, the Democratic nominee received record-breaking 81.3 
million votes, while the Republican president had 74.2 million in the November election with 232.
Biden will give speech to celebrate the new affirmation of his victory in the evening following the confirmation by the US Electoral College, prompting attempts by President Donald Trump to reverse the presidential election results on November 3. 
Meantime, Trump who is still the legal occupant of the White House until January 20, has continued to make baseless assertions that the November vote was the “MOST CORRUPT ELECTION IN U.S. HISTORY,” in one of his latest tweets on Sunday.
“How do states and politicians confirm an election where corruption and irregularities are documented throughout?” He added.
Last month, Trump said he would leave the White House if the electoral college votes for Mr. Biden, but has since made an unprecedented campaign to overturn his defeat, filing numerous lawsuits challenging state vote counts.
On Friday, lawsuit filed by Texas that sought to invalidate the results in four states won by Mr. Biden was dismissed by the US Supreme Court.

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