Malik Beasley’s Wife Allegedly Cheated On Him With NFL Star.

Amid rumors that Malik Beasley cheated on his wife, Montana Yao, with Larsa Pippen, even more, rumors surface that Yao cheated on Beasley as well.

This saga just keeps getting messier and messier. In case you somehow missed it, let’s get you up to speed. Earlier this week reports that NBA player, Malik Beasley, was having an affair with Larsa Pippen came to light, along with a photo of the pair holding hands in an airport. Beasley’s wife, Montana Yao, stumbled upon the photo as well and responded with a message on her Instagram story.”Wow… I don’t even know this man,” she wrote. “The truth always comes out one way or another. I’ve always and will forever remain true to who I am and GOD has never let me down. Appreciate all the love y’all for real.” Following that, Pippen took to her Instagram story as well, warning fans not to believe everything they read online. “Don’t always trust what you see on social media,” she wrote. “Even salt looks like sugar.”

Just as fans were feeling deeply sympathetic for Yao, it was reported that she was allegedly cheating on Beasley long before this scandal ever existed. According to an entertainment news blog known as Fee With The Tea, she had previously cheated with NFL star, Su’a Cravens. Beasley supposedly already confronted Cravens about the alleged affair, resulting in a heated fight between the two athletes.

Meanwhile, most recent reports have revealed that Beasley and Yao had already called it quits and were separated long before the photo of he and Pippen was ever published, which suggests that Beasley was never cheating, to begin with. What a shocking turn of events. E! reported that the pair “have actually been separated for months and that the athlete has already started the process to get a divorce.”

So, to summarize, Malik Beasley and Montana Yao are getting a divorce — but have already been separated for a while — Beasley didn’t cheat on his wife, Pippen was nobody’s mistress (that we know of), and Yao was possibly the only one who cheated in this story.

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